Press Release

07 May 2018
BFF BANKING GROUP: As of today, all entities of the group will be under a single global brand: BFF Banking Group
BFF Banking Group (BFF), a leader in the non-recourse management and purchase of commercial accounts receivable from public administration suppliers, announces the change of name of the different entities in the group under the global brand name "BFF Banking Group".

BFF is a group with more than 30 years of experience, consolidated as a leader in the credit management of public sector suppliers in Europe and present in Spain since 2010 under the former name, Farmafactoring España S.A.

"The change in the name of all the entities that make up the group under the global brand name "BFF" further strengthens our position as the only pan-European player capable of meeting the financial needs of companies supplying goods and services to the public sector in multiple markets," says BFF's CEO, Massimiliano Belingheri.

In 2017 BFF achieved a turnover of more than €6.5 billion in public debt management, achieving an adjusted net profit of €84 million with a CET1 Group ratio of 12.6% at the end of December 2017.

Since last year, BFF has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, offering even greater transparency in the group's accounts and thus greater confidence and security for all its customers and shareholders.

BFF Banking Group offers financing solutions to companies that work with the Public Administration in different sectors such as: telecommunications, security, infrastructure, facility services, emergency services, civil engineering, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Within the product range, in 2015 the Group launched the online time deposit Cuenta Facto in both the Spanish and German markets, the ideal financial instrument to obtain high returns.

It also interacts with financial institutions, which, far from being its competitor, is positioned as a partner of its own customers, offering an exclusive product to manage their commercial accounts receivable from public debtors, being able to continue with its traditional lines of Factoring on their private debtors.

From today, BFF Banking Group will operate under the BFF brand in its eight current markets: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece and Croatia.

Eight years after the start of the internationalisation process with the entry into the Spanish and Portuguese markets, followed by the entry into Central and Eastern Europe in 2016 and subsequently into Greece and Croatia in 2017 and 2018, BFF further consolidates the integration of all its entities under the same group identity. This brand change will further enhance BFF's consolidated experience in more than 30 years of activity, along with knowledge and commitment in each local market.